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ConPorts:Aerial View
Welcome to ConPorts Pty Ltd

ConPorts, through its experienced team, offer a range of services in exporting mineral concentrates together with an expert understanding of transport logistics between our customers and their overseas customers.

ConPorts owns, operates and maintains a proven, high performance mineral concentrates train receival, product storage and shiploading facility located in the Port of Newcastle at Dyke 2 berth, Carrington.

Services we offer

All aspects of port handling and shiploading of mineral concentrates and other bulk materials and related activities specifically in the following areas:


- Transport logistics and interfaces


- Fast, flexible and punctual unloading of trains


- Large and secure storage facilities


- Round the clock, high capacity shiploading


- Extensive stock reporting (wet and dry tonnages)


- Service estimates, budgets or quotes


- Design advice on new mine dispatch and rail facilities


- A deep and protected berth with reliable port access