Environment Protection Licence 1431 Monitoring Data

The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 introduced new reporting requirements for monitoring results collected under an environment protection licence. ConPorts is the holder of an environment protection licence and is required to publish monitoring data on its website.

Environment Protection Licence 1431 requires ConPorts to collect air monitoring data from two locations at its Carrington ship loading facilities in Newcastle.

(1) Northern HVAS, a high volume air sampler located on the boundary to the north of the site, and

(2) Southern HVAS, a high volume air sampler located on the boundary to the south of the site.

Air Monitoring Requirements

The Licence requires the following pollutants to be sampled and analysed in micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) at these locations for a 24 hour period every six days:


- Total solid particles or total dust

- Copper particles in the dust

- Lead particles in the dust

- Zinc particles in the dust


ConPorts has included various guidelines to enable evaluation of the presented data. ConPorts has adopted the annual average guideline criteria for total solid particles (TSP) and lead outlined in the Approved Methods for the Modelling and Assessment of Air Pollutants in New South Wales (Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005).


There is no criteria in Australia for copper and zinc and ConPorts following discussion with the EPA NSW have referenced the 24 hour average criteria from the Ontario Environment Ministry, as a guideline.


Air and Water Monitoring Records

Please click on the following link to view the monitoring data:- Records

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